Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taylor's Boosterthon Fun Run

Today Taylor had his Boosterthon Fun run at OMES. It is the only fundraiser they do all year to raise money for the school and his classroom. Taylor had to get people to pledge him for each lap that he completed. Taylor has been really excited about this for 2 weeks now. They have a boosterthon crew that had been hanging out at the school getting them pumped up for this event. He even went to his first pep rally! Little dude completed 35 laps today...they were short laps. He raised over $100 for OMES. I am so proud of you Taylor!! After Taylor got home from school today Kacie came and picked him up to take him to dinner. He picked Mellow Mushroom for his dinner date with Kacie. It sounded like they had a great time. They even brought home some yummy pizza. We finished off the night by making brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Yummm...

Bella's open house at CASA!

On Tuesday night we had Bella's open house at CASA. It started at 5:00 so Tanner was not able to make it. I took all three of the kids so it was somewhat hard to talk with the teachers. They said Bella was a very sweet little girl. She is loving and treats all of her friends nice. Awww..That is my sweetie pie! She made some very nice art work. My favorite was her self portait. It was a circle with scribble scrabble with two eyes glued on. HA! I am sure she had fum making it...

Molluscum contagiosum! WHAT?

On Monday I took Taylor to the dermatologist. He has these white bumps on his neck and chin. He has had them for probably about a year, but the pediatrician told me not to worry they would go away in time. Well, they have not gone away..they got worse! Molluscum contagiosum is a wart like virus. They put this medicine on them to dry them up called beetle juice. It actually comes from a beetle. Pretty strange! They look really bad right now...which she said they would look bad before they went away. Poor Taylor! It looks like he has the chicken pox. Thank goodness they are not on his face!! The first picture is Taylor at the dermatologist, the second is him with the medicine on them and the third is what they look like now :( I am praying that they get better soon.

Kacie was so sweet to keep Bella while I took Taylor to the doctor. Her and Bella had some good girl time going to Taco Bell, Mcdonalds to play, Walmart and the Halloween store. Kacie bought Bella a Snow White halloween costume. She loves her outfit and is looking forward to wearing it for some trick or treating. Bella has been spending a lot of time with Kacie lately, so she says she is Kacie's baby! They are two peas in a pod :) Thanks Kacie for hanging out with buggie!

Trunk or Treat at Asbury

SO, as soon as we got home from the staycation it was time to resume all parental duties and head to trunk or treat at Asbury. Taylor dressed up as a ninja, Bella was a barbie princess and MA was a pumpkin. I could not believe how many people showed up for this event. It was packed! There were at least 40 or more trunks to trick or treat out of, Inflatables, Hotdogs, Chips, drinks and great people! Asbury really blesses the community by putting on this safe, fun event for the children. I didn't take many pictures because it was so crowded Tanner and I were having a hard time keeping up with everyone:) The kids were so tired and spoiled from being with the grandparents. I believe it takes a full week back with mom and dad to get all of the spoiledness (if that is a word) out of them. Looking forward to Halloween!!

A very RELAXING weekend!

Tanner and I had a great time on our staycation!! We wanted to stay at Ross Bridge, but it was we chose the Hilton in the colonnade. It was very nice. We really did not do anything, but eat, sleep, watch movies and football. We just kept saying how lazy we felt all weekend since we just had ourselves to take care of!! We were laughing because Tanner took a nap..and we called it his one nap of the year! If tanner and I did not have kids I think I would be really fat because we ate so much!! And you actually have time to eat your food:) It was so much fun getting to spend some time together with no interuptions! It is nice to get away every once in a while. I could not make a habit of it though because I really missed my babies! Thanks so much to the grandparents for keeping everything under control while we were away!! No pictures on this trip! Sorry!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A visit to see daddy and learning to crawl

Bella had school today, so MA and I decided to go meet Tanner downtown for lunch. I love that two days a week I get to spend some quality alone time with MA. I think she likes it too!! She gets to have all of the toys to herself without sissy taking them away. It is so easy to do errands with her. She just rides in the buggy with out making a peep. She is growing up so fast. We ate lunch with Tanner in the Harbert Building. After lunch we took a short walk outside. Daddy Tanner has been working so much. We really appreciate what a great provider you are for our family. Later that afternoon we headed over to my parents house for dinner. It is nice to get out of the house when Tanner doesn't get home until late. MA is really starting to move and groove. She is crawing quite slowly right now...which I can handle. When she gets fast I will be in trouble!! Emily has been her crawling coach :) She has been trying to get her to crawl for the last two months. This weekend Tanner and I are having a staycation. Tanner can't get off work long enough for a vacation, so a staycation will be just as fun!! We are staying in a hotel here in Birmingham to have some down time with no kids. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my hubby!! Lots of movie and take out!! I hope the grandparents can hold down the house while we are gone. The good thing is we are only a few minutes away if they need anything. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Storytime and Chick-fil-a

Today we decided to go to storytime with Mr. Mac at North Shelby Library. This is the first time in a really long time that I have taken Bella to the library. I wasn't sure if she would run around or really participate. Turns out that she loved it. So did MA! You can see her giggling at Mr. Mac playing the guitar and singing. Bella's favorite thing was playing with the puppets. Then we decided to swing by chick-fil-a for lunch. Bella really wanted to go in and play on the playground, so we did. I love chick-fil-a!! They are so helpful!! I love how they will carry your food to the table, and even come see if you need anything! All in all, a great day! I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with my kids. Life is good!

A fun Tuesday

I can't tell you how bad I needed a haircut. So, on Tuesday I met Emily at Bang in Cahaba Heights. Emily had her appointment at 9:30 and mine was at 10:30.It worked out perfect that she could hang out with MA while I got my hair cut. If anyone is looking for a hair dresser, Mikah is great!! After getting my hair cut I headed over to Learning Express to look for these new animal braclets for Taylor. They are suppose to be the new cool thing at school! You can wear them and trade them with your friends. I was so excited they had them in stock!! YAY! Taylor was so happy when he got home from school and I gave them to him. Then, I headed to pick up Bella from school. She is doing great at school! Once, we got home Krista dropped off sweet Madeline for me to keep. Krista had to take baby Michael to the dcotor because he was having some issues with his bottom. Luckily, he is fine!! It was so much fun having Madeline over to play. Taylor and Bella both love her so much!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Crazy Bread and Pumpkin Carving

Today MA was so grouchy! She is getting in more teeth, and I can tell it is hurting her. MA also wants to eat all people food!! I have given her little tastes before, but today I caved. She wanted a piece of crazy bread so bad. It was leftover from the night before, so it was kind of hard. I figured it would feel good to her mouth. All i have to say is she loved it!!!!!! I think this girl is going to love to eat. What she did not love is me taking it away! She cried so hard!! Poor girl! I am so ready for her to be able to eat real food!
Kacie came over later, so we decided that when Taylor got home from school we were going to carve pumpkins. It was so much fun! Taylor loves carving pumpkins, and so do I :) Bella didn't want to touch anything..but loved watching. Kacie and Bella worked on a pumpkin while Taylor and I did a pumpkin. MA was entertained just by watching.
When Tanner got home Taylor and I had to get to work on his school project. We had to decorate a pumpkin on a piece of paper. Right now Taylor and I have different ideas of what being creative is, so we did have some tears during the project. But, the pumpkin turned out great...even with arms and legs!! Today was the day for Boo Boo's at the Bush house. MA hit her head twice, and is sporting two new bruises. Taylor got rug burn on his eyes running into the chair. Honestly, I have no idea how the rug burn got on both of his eyes! Oh, well! Hope everyone had a great Monday!! I know I sure did!!!

The Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday we decided to take a last minute trip to the pumpkin patch. Tanner went to see a movie with his brother Eric, so Emily was really excited to go with us!! We all looked so cute. Bella picked out a scarecrow smocked outfit to wear, and her new shoes. Emily had on her cute new boots, and nice jeans. This was a really big mistake!! I was not thinking that it would be really muddy!! When we left we were all covered in mud!! Especially Bella!! She fell in a huge mud puddle running through the corn maze. Thank goodness, it was just before we left! This was the first pretty day we have seen in a while so the place was packed out!!
Here is a picture of the line to ride the tractor to the pumpkin patch.

We decided to go feed the animals, and walk around for a while hoping the line would shorten.
Here are some of the pictures. The corn maze was really confusing!! It took us 30 minutes to get out. Taylor finally figured out how to get out!!
The line didn't ever get any shorter, so we decided we could walk to the pumpkin patch quicker than wait in that line. MA was in her stroller, and Emily carried Bella. It was only about a 15 minute walk. It was cool to see all of the christmas trees that were almost ready to bring home.
We made it to the pumpkin patch!! YAY! It was a mud pit!! Bella was tripping over all of the vines, and getting so dirty!! We ended up picking out three perfect pumpkins. But now we realized we had a problem. How were we going to carry two little kids, three heavy pumpkins and a stroller back?! All I have to say is that I am still sore!! We put one pumpkin underneath the stroller, and the two other ones in the main part of the stroller. I carried MA and pushed the stroller for quite some time. The stroller was so heavy!! Then Emily and I switched! That was an arm work out!! It was really funny, but we made it back to the car! Thanks Emily for going with us!! We could not have done it with out you!! I am so glad my sisters do so much to help me out!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Picture Day and Auburn vs. Kentucky

Today was the big day for family pictures. Why does it have to be so cold?! We headed down to Morris Avenue to see what kind of pictures that we could get. I have to say, it didn't go well. Bella did not want to cooperate at all!! Not to mention we were all freezing. We got pictures of each of the kids individually, and hopefully a good family picture but NO picture of all three kids together. It is close to impossible to get three kids in one place..much less all smiling!! Here is a picture of sweet Johanna Cosby who did our pictures. She is very talented, and patient!! You should check out her website if you are looking for someone to take pictures for you. I will post a link to her website. Downtown we didn't get a picture of all three of the kids together, Johanna stopped back by our house after naps to try again. Still, NO LUCK with Bella. I even tried bribing her with a new snow white barbie, but no barbie for Bella this time around. I can't wait to see how some of the pictures turned out!!

Here is the link:

After the massive failure that was planned photography, we hoped to lift our spirits with a couple of college football victories by the Tigers of Missouri and Auburn. We went over to Susan and Gary's first for a pregame meal (kindly prepared by Susan). After an hour there, we shuttled to Pat and James for the first half of the Auburn game. All of the regulars were there, and the Auburn game was on downstairs, with the Alabama game on upstairs. The first half was a success, with Auburn taking a 14-7 lead. But the girls were tired, so home and bed was calling. Upon returning home, the girls and Nichole put on the PJs and retired to more comfortable accommodations, while Taylor and myself braved the cold back to Kyler's house. We had to see his new 40-inch Sony Bravia LCD. It was a beautiful work of craftmanship. Unfortunately, the Auburn game which it was showing was not so beautiful. An ineffective and totally hapless Auburn team gave the game to Kentucky in the 4th quarter (a penalty-ridden drive and a seemingly porous and middle school like defense). And Auburn shamefully fell to Kentucky 21-14, at home, for the first time in 28 years. Plain embarrassing. Then Missouri proceeded to be sodomized by the referees in a 33-17 loss. I now believe that competitive sports would be better served by eliminating any type of organized officials. Oh well, life goes on. Overall, it was a busy and productive day, highlighted by failed picture taking and fruitless efforts on the gridiron. But the day was beautiful because of the time spent with my family. It goes to show that no matter what hurdles life throws your way, if you can jump those hurdles with your family by your side, the jump is not quite as high...- Tanner

Picture Preparation and Pablos

Today I spent most of the day getting ready for family pictures. It is really hard to make sure that five people coordinate clothes to take a pretty picture. We had to get outfits together, hair bows, shoes etc.... It doesn't sound that hard, but it really was a big job. Later, that night my mom called and we met at Pablo's for dinner. It was really yummy, and Bella loved the band!