Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas in Nashville

On the day after Christmas we headed up to Nashville. It was a very short trip, but I really enjoyed spending time with all of our family. As soon as we got to Nashville we opened presents with Nana T and Papa T. Thanks so much for all of the gifts!! Next it was time to get ready for Sandy and Bob's surprise wedding reception!! It was very casual, and just perfect for these two!! I am so happy that Sandy and Bob are now officially married!!! Congrats to Sandy and Bob!!!

The next morning we woke up bright and early and headed to Cookville to visit with more family. This is part of the family that we do not see very often, and I am still trying to match everyone up together to see how everyone is related :) We had a delicious lunch with everything you can imagine to eat. Bella met a cute little friend that kept her entertained. They were so cute running around the house together. Before we left we had a little photo shoot to get some pictures of all of the family. We had a great time. Now it was time to head back to Birmingham. After a quick stop in Nashville we arrived back in Birmingham around 9:30. It was a great trip, but we were all exhausted!! Glad to finally be home!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas at The Bush's

After we left my parent house we headed to have Christmas with Tanner's parents. Susan cooked a delicious dinner..her famous lasagna and a new pasta dish that was so yummy!! Yes, I ate again :) I think this was the first day in a long time I have had three really good cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! The kids got more presents!! Taylor got a really cool guitar! Bella loved her new leotard! MA loved her new blocks!! They got so many other great things too!! We played dirty santa with all of the brothers and sisters. I got a really cool shirt, coffee mug and scarf. Tanner got a bobble head to put on his desk at work. We loved the presents!! It was a great way to end Christmas!! I am so lucky to have so many great family members!! Love to all!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas with The Taylor's

Around noon we headed over to my parents house to have Christmas lunch! I really ate ALOT during the holidays, but that is okay..RIGHT?? That is why we have New Years Resolutions :) We had a delicious lunch, and got so many presents!! Taylor loved his lego's!! Bella loved all of her princess shoes etc... MA loved her dresses..Tanner loved his new work shirts..I loved my new clothes and most of all we loved getting some holiday cash!! Thanks mom and dad for all of the presents!! You really did too much!!! We are very grateful for everything! Kacie and Emily did not want me to take pictures of them because they were not dressed! That is why I have no pictures of you guys :( Now time to head over to the Bush's for Christmas!!

Christmas Morning was MAGICAL!!

Christmas was a very busy day!! It was also MA's first Christmas..AWW! The kids woke up around 8AM, which was nice!! I was sure that Taylor would have been up at the crack of dawn, but luckily he was not. My sisters spent the night with us on Christmas Eve night, so they could see the kids in the morning. Taylor and Bella were so excited when they saw all the gifts!! I love seeing that magical look in their eyes! Taylor opened his presents very slowly...Bella opened hers as fast as she could!! Once she got all the presents opened she then would go back and look at them. MA just loved watching Taylor and Bella!!

Taylor's favorite Santa present: Nintendo DS Lite and Skateboard
Bella's favorite Santa presesnt: Princess Vanity and Princess dress up trunk
MA's Favorite Santa present: Pink Push car and paper
Then the family started showing up to see what Santa brought to the Bush kids. My Mom and Dad came over, Gary, Susan and Jillian, Kyler and Felicia, Eric, Lauren and Digby and of course Kacie and Emily were already here! We cooked a delicious breakfast and enjoyed hanging out with everyone!! Thanks to everyone for making Christmas morning so special!! Now time to get ready to have Christmas with my parents!!

Christmas Eve

We had a great time celebrating Christmas Eve with my moms side of the family at Terra Ann's house. I loved seeing my sweet cousins..Abby and Thacker!!
We played dirty santa which was so much fun!! Tanner and Kacie look like they are about to fight over a gift :) I ended up getting new teeth whitening gel...from Julie...the new dentist in the family!! Tanner got a publix gift card! YAY!! I love gift cards!

MA loved spending time with Rere and Mimi on Christmas Eve!! She was so sweet!!

The night ended for the kids..not for us... with leaving cookies and milk out for Santa! We had a great day!!

Tacky Christmas Party Take TWO

On Wednesday night Tanner and I headed over to Eric and Lauren's house for a tacky Christmas party. I loved seeing everyone dressed up...And actually I kind of liked my sweater that I had on. We had some yummy food, and played some games. It was great spending time with some friends that I do not see very often. Thanks so much to Eric and Lauren for having the party at your house!! It was a very eventful night!! I am so excited that tomorrow is Christmas EVE!!! YAY!!!

Aldridge Gardens with the kids

Well, when Taylor is home he likes to stay busy!! I decided we would go take a little walk around aldridge gardens. The kids had a great time walking around, playing on rocks and looking at all of the pretty scenery. This was my first time to go to aldridge gardens. It was so pretty, and I can't wait to go back in the spring to see everything in bloom. The kids are super pumped that there is only 3 days til Santa comes. Everyone is so excited about christmas, so this was a great way to get some energy out of these hyper kiddos :)