Saturday, March 7, 2009

Marjorie Ann's 4 week check up

I can't believe that my little baby girl is already one month old! We went for her check up this week, and she weighs 9lbs. 3oz. She is getting so big! Poor baby had to get one shot which she was very dramatic about. She cried almost the entire car ride home. It seems to me I have drama queen #2 on my hands :) I thought that she might have a touch of reflux because she spits up all of the time, so the doctor put her on zantac. I gave it to her once,and she did not seem to like it. It smells really strong like peppermint so I think she did not like the taste. We invested in a wedge for her to sleep on, and it has been an answer to my prayers. She is sleeping so much better. I think the hardest month is over so it should all start getting easier soon!

The Bush Babies First Snow

This was the first time that Taylor and Bella got to see snow, and actually have enough to play in. The snow was so pretty! Tanner and Taylor played in the snow all morning while the girls were sleeping, but as soon as Bella saw them outside we started getting her bundled up to go outside.
I have to say that I am so happy we do not live somewhere that it is snowing all of the time! I could not handle having to get everyone dressed in multiple layers just to walk outside! Bella wanted to wear her hat and tights to play in the snow.

Taylor had the best time playing in the snow! He loved having snowball fights with Tanner and Kyler.

Kyler and Felicia came over to play with the kids. Bella loved to eat the snow. She thought it was ice, which is one of her favorite things to say right now. Marjorie Ann and I enjoyed staying warm inside while everyone else played outside!

What has been going on lately...

We have been having so much fun being able to get out of the house. It has been quite cold, so we have been keeping her all bundled up.

Marjorie Ann went out with the family to celebrate Kyler's 22nd birthday. You can see her stroller next to the table. She did not make a peep the whole time we were at dinner. She was perfect!

We have been spending at least one day a week getting together to watch the Missouri games! Mizzou has been winning, so I am guessing we will have a few more times to hang out and watch the games together. The guys enjoy watching the games, and Marjorie Ann has been getting lots of love from her wonderful aunts!