Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We decided to take the family to Oak Mountain for a hike this weekend. I was a little worried about taking the girls, but figured it would be a good workout for Tanner and I. We hiked about 3 miles..which felt like 6 carrying the girls. We had a great time getting some fresh air and exercise. After the hike we had a snack by the lake, and headed over to the petting zoo. The petting zoo was a little bit crazy. All of the animals were attacking us for food. Bella was so scared. She was on my shoulders squeezing my head so hard!! She liked the idea of going to pet the animals, but would have nothing to do with them! Taylor was feeding a goat, and it snatched the ziploc bag with the food right out if his hand!! It ate the food and gobbled down the ziploc bag too! I guess goats will eat anything! What a fun day filled with the people I love most!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Festivities!

On Good Friday the girls and I headed over to my friend Lisa's house for a easter egg hunt with all of my high school girlfriends. Taylor had school..BOO..so he missed out on this :( There was probably about 20 kids..maybe more..and 5 preggos so next year we will have 5 more babies to join us! The girls had a great time hunting eggs. MA loved sitting at the table like a big girl! Daddy Tanner even got to stop by for a short visit!! The girls were worn out after the beautiful day!! Friday night we went to church at COTH..it was AMAZING...as usual! I am so blessed to have a wonderful church home that over the past few years we have grown to LOVE!

We woke up Easter morning and the kids checked out easter baskets. Later that morning my mom and sisters came over for Easter brunch...Edgar's cinnamon rolls & quiche..YUM! I decided to do a easter egg hunt for the kids this year since the girls were both big enough to have fun hunting eggs and picking prizes. The kids found 75 eggs, and got to trade in each egg for a prize! The prizes were things like juice boxes, crackers, some candy,pencils,erasers....Bella and Taylor had a good time with this!!

After a short nap for MA we headed over to Susan and Gary's for more easter fun!! Susan always does such a good job having activities for the kids to do!! They got to dye easter eggs, make Jesus in a tomb with croissants and marshmellows...which were delicious! AND another egg hunt with prizes!! The grand prize being hula hoops! Taylor is learning to hula hoop, and hopefully will be pretty good at it soon. We enjoyed spending time with Eric,Lauren,Kyler, Felicia and Jillian. Thanks Susan for a wonderful lunch, and a special easter afternoon!! Oh, and check out the pic of MA's legs!! They are so chunky and CUTE!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bella's CASA Easter Egg Hunt

On Thursday Marjorie Ann and I went to help Bella's class with a easter egg hunt. MA and I got to hide the eggs..or lay them out on the ground :) Her class was so cute and super excited about seeing all of the eggs. CASA has been such a blessing for us this year! It has made Bella be such a BIG GIRL! I love to see her interact with her friends. After the egg hunt they had cupcakes.

On another note...if you know Bella then you are aware about how particular she is with her shoes!! It is so hard to get the girl to put anything on her feet unless they sparkle...I scored big time when I bought her these new shoes!! She loves them and even wants to sleep in them! I'm super pumped that she loves her new shoes!

Kacie got a job!

We went out to dinner on Wednesday night to celebrate my sister..Kacie getting a job. She is going to be working where I used to work VIP Personnel...before I gave up my job (or paying job that is) to be a full time mommy. She will be a Recruiter at VIP. If you need a job..or no anyone looking for a job tell them to give her a call...Kacie Taylor...733-8889 :) I know that she will do a great in her first job out of college! Congrats Kacie! We are proud of you!!