Thursday, May 13, 2010

15 months and WILD!

SO, everyone says that your 3rd child is suppose to be really laid back and go with the flow...RIGHT??? That is not true here at the Bush house. MA is so wild!! To the point where I don' know what to do with the little thing!! Here is a picture of her standing on the doll house...I mean..I turn my head for one second and this is what she is doing!

Today I took MA for her 15 month check up at the Dr. Here is a picture of her and all they did was put her on the scale....she will not let anyone touch her other than immediate family....isn't that just wonderful :) She weighed in at 23 pounds today...sweet girl is a chunk!! But we love it!! After the usual height and weight we had to treat her for molluscum contagiosum....those are those little bumps that look like warts...Taylor had them earlier this year. The process is quite simple. They just put a dot of medicine on each doesn't hurt or anything....BUT considering the fact that MA doesn't like people to touch her she got so upset that she threw up all over me. Yes, down my my was running down my belly...GROSS!! After that ordeal she had to get 3 shots. Poor girl!! Why do my girls have to be so dramatic????

She screamed the entire way home. Still upset about the Dr.'s visit. I decided to ride through the drive thru to get her a cheeseburger since she didn't have lunch....

She fell asleep eating her cheeseburger! It was really funny!!!

On a happy note...Bella and MA have been really enjoying one another!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend - Busy Style

As everyone knows, it was a special, special Friday - Sunday this weekend. Of course, I'm talking about Mother's Day. The one day a year that Mothers all over the world are celebrated for the 364 other days they work their bootys off to make children and husbands happy. Our mother, Nichole, is very deserving of not just one day, but a few, of celebration in her name. And that is why I, Tanner, am writing this blog post. So, on to the events. We started Friday with a dinner trip to Pablo's. Nichole and I, the kids and Kacie and Emily braved a Friday night outing at a crowded restaurant. And we were not disappointed. A one-hour wait was followed by horrible service, sub-par food and a pricey check. But all in all, it was fun to spend some time away from the house, with the kids, in public. And there was no cleaning up afterwards. Well, there was cleaning up, but just not for us. After dinner, it was home for an early bed time for reasons you will read below...

Early Saturday morning, Nichole and Felicia decided to go run their first 5K, in the name of Pancreatic Cancer (and their own feeling of accomplishment, as well). They arrived at 6:30AM to run, only to discover they were 2 hours early. To say the least, they were well stretched. Both completed the race in a blazing 32 minutes (3.2 miles @ 10 min/mile). It also gave Nichole a reason to say she was sore and tired all day.

After the race, a quick break at home was followed by Nichole departing with the two princesses to attend a Birthday party for Daley Alsobrook at the park in Trussville. Taylor and I instead chose to go to the Ross Bridge garage sale and then come home to mow the yard. Both groups had fun! Happy 3rd Birthday Daley!!

And in a first for Taylor, a display of his business acumen, Taylor developed an idea that no one has ever thought of... a road-side lemonade stand. He sold a total of 9 cups for $4.50, which was added to the Gift-for-Nichole's-Mother's-Day-so-we-don't-look-bad Fund. Thanks for the hard work Taylor. We ended up getting Nichole some white roses and a new coffee maker, since I threw the "old", never used one away. So heading into Mo's Day, we had already spent a productive Saturday wearing ourselves out. But it is all worth it to make my beautiful, loving wife happy. She is a perfect mother and gives everything she has to her kids and me. We would never ask for her to do anything different, except maybe to stop nagging me about going to bed early. But other than that... Then Sunday began with me running to Walmart at 5AM to get the aforementioned gifts (fell asleep Saturday night). Doesn't matter when you get the gifts, just that you do!! So Nichole and the girls slept til 8:15, we ate breakfast and then went to Spain Park for a quick jog and play on the playground with the kids. Then to Susan and Garys for another Mother's Day celebration with Eric, Lauren, Kyler, Dad (Gary), and of course Susan (Mom). She is also a great mom and has raised her four kids, and husband, with the utmost selflessness. We all thank her for that. Then home for naps, and on to Nichole's mom's, for a final Mother's Day celebration and dinner with Kacie and Emily and Maricia (mom-in-law). Also a wonderful mother... Then home for a little TV and bed before the beginning of another full week. Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there who think they work for nothing. We really do notice and appreciate and love you all. Good night.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Beachin it with the Graves

2 moms + 6 kids + emily = A CRAZY FUN BEACH TRIP!! My sweet friend Kaitlin invited the kids and I to come down to the beach. I was a little worried about just us having 6 kids all alone...not that we can't take care of the just requires so much stuff for 6 kids at the beach. Luckily, my sweet sister Emily decided to join us for this beach trip. We followed each other down to Destin on Thursday. We made it down safe and sound with only one stop!! We had a great time at the pool and on the beach. The kids all played so well together. The ages were perfect for everyone to have a buddy! Thanks sweet Kaitlin for having the Bush crew to the condo!! Here are some of my favorite pics. It was almost impossible to get a pic of all 6 kiddos together :)

Everyone with a buddy :

The 2 pics of all 6 kiddos together :)

Keli Sue's 30th Birthday

On Saturday morning we headed to Nashville to celebrate my friend Keli's 30th birthday. The best part about the party being in Nashville was we got to visit with the Schwab family. Taylor and Bella came with us to Nashville to play with the cousins, and MA stayed with my mom, Kacie and Emily. When we got to Nashville it had just finished raining, and the kids enjoyed playing on the trampoline and in the huge puddles in Beth's yard. After visiting for a while..Tanner and I headed over to Keli's birthday party. It was only 10 minutes from Beth's house. Beth kept Taylor and Bella. When we left they were riding four wheelers..having a blast!!

Keli's birthday party was awesome!! Keli and Will are organic farmers so the party was at the farm. It was so great to spend some time with my college friends. We had a delicious italian dinner and spent some time around a HUGE bon fire. Keli did get a really funny gag gift that I must mention!!! She got some lingerie with the caption saying to keep it sexy in your 30's..HA! Happy 30th Keli!! Hope this is the best year ever!!!

Happy 21st to Jillian

Tonight we went over to Gary and Susan's to celebrate Jillian's 21st Birthday. It was so much fun because we had some special people that were there to celebrate. Nana T and Papa T were passing through from Nashville. Bubba and John from Mizzou were there. Gary's brothers were in town for the race. Susan had a full house. We had a great time celebrating Jillian. Susan cooked a delicious steak dinner with all of the fixings. I forgot my no pics! Happy 21st Jillian. I hope you have an amazing year!