Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Thanksgiving Visit to CASA

On Tuesday MA and I headed up to CASA to help Bella's young twos class make blessing chex mix to take home for the holidays. They are all so funny!! The entire class loved MA..i think they thought she was a real baby doll. I would look away for one second and look back over to find someone trying to give her a sippy cup or squeeze her. The kids really enjoyed decorating bags, pouring all of the ingredients in the pan, mixing it up, putting it in bags and of course snacking on it too!! Mrs. Dawn is a GREAT teacher!! She is so patient with all of the takes a very special person to be able to work with 10 two year olds everyday. I really enjoyed visiting with both Bella and Taylor's classes this week!!

Thanksgiving Program at OMES

On Monday I was so excited about Taylor's Thanksgiving program at OMES. He has been working on singing these songs for a really long time, and I have been waiting for Thanksgiving to come so I could see my little dude perform. At school they spent the entire month learning about indians and pilgrims. I have to say that he has learned so much!! They made really neat indian shirts, necklaces, hats and had cool face paint. All of the class was really cute dressed as indians. Since I was a volunteer at the school I had to dress up as an indian too! I ended up wearing jeans, boots with fringe, a brown shirt that I shredded, lots of beads and a feather hair piece that Taylor helped me make. All of the kids loved my feathers!!! The program was in the lunchroom. They had tablecloths on all of the lunchroom mats that the kids made and lots of yummy Thanksgiving food. I didn't realize how elaborate everything was going to be. Taylor did a great job singing, and loved that I was able to come. Thanks to my mom for keeping Bella and MA!!!! I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!! Filled with lots of LOVE, FAMILY and YUMMY FOOD :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Saturday night with family

On Saturday night Susan and Gary wanted to take all of the Bush family to eat at the Galleria. We had the best time!! Jillian and Bella took a ride on the carousel where Bella was screaming (a happy scream) the entire time. Then we headed over to get a quick visit with Santa for Bella. She said she really wanted to see Santa, but when we got there she started crying. I dragged her up to see him anyways. She would not sit in his lap, but had a short conversation with him while I was holding her. It was really cute because santa was holding her hand!!
The conversation went like this:
Santa: What would you like for christmas this year?
Bella: A Barbie house
Santa: What color house would you like?
Bella: A princess house
Santa:Would you like some grass with that house?
Bella: Yes!
Santa: What about some butterflies with that house?
Bella: Yes!!

It was really funny the way Bella was talking to him. After we left Santa Bella started to scream!! She didn't understand why he did not give her the present right then. We explained that you have to wait until christmas, but I don't think she really got it.
Then we left the Galleria. Susan and Gary took the girls home and put them to bed while all of the Bush kids + spouses went to grab a Margarita at Pablos. It was so much fun!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mommy and Bella time!

This weekend taylor went to the hunting club with the grandparents, and had so much fun!! He loves being outdoors, looking at deer and riding on the four wheeler. We missed the little guy so much this weekend! On Friday night MA had a spend the night party with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Eric. I was a little worried about her going because she has been waking up at night with her teeth hurting, but Lauren assured they would take great care of her. MA did great!! They went to Target where she got some puffs and a new teething ring. She also slept for 12 hours straight!! I am glad Eric, Lauren and MA got to spend some quality time together!

So Taylor and MA were gone..and that just left Bella and I. Tanner had a soccer game that night so I new this was a perfect time to go do something fun with Bella Bug. We met Amanda and Claire at the Galleria to hang out for a little while. We ate dinner in the food court, took a ride on the carousel,went to the Princess Store and had some yummy cookies. Bella and Claire both got new princess barbies that they love!! It was so much fun, but really strange being out and about with just little Bella. I didn't even have to take a stroller!! What a fun Friday night!!!

Marjorie Ann is 9 months old!!

Marjorie Ann went for her 9 month checkup and is growing up so fast!! She is crawling and pulling up on will be just a matter of time before she is walking. She is eating table food now, and loves to eat anything!!! She has two teeth on the top with two more coming in fast, and two on the bottom. She is still very laid back and easy going. I can't believe she is almost one!!! Oh, and I also sent her picture in for a little contest for her to model a new clothing line and they picked her!! YAY!! We will get some free pictures, and I think it will be lots of fun!!

Weight: 19 pounds 12 oz. (only 55th percentile which surprises me)

Height: 28 inches (75th percentile)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Girls Night at Ross Bridge

On Saturday I headed over to Ross Bridge for a little girl time with my favorite college friends!! Danna came from Atlanta..Jen from Arkansas...Kelli from Nashville..Melanie from Mobile..Jamie and I were here in Birmingham so we did not have travel which was nice!! We didn't do much other than hang out in the room chatting, and we had dinner at the clubhouse and watched the NOT SO GREAT AU vs GA game. I am so blessed to still have all these amazing friends in my life!! I had a great time with ya'll!! A big thanks to Tanner for keeping the girls..and my mom for keeping Taylor. Oh, and Saturday night while I was gone Bella started throwing up she has the stomach virus AGAIN!! YUCK!! I think if anyone with in a mile of us has that virus Bella is going to get it :(

The Pictures are back!!

We got the pictures back we took on Morris Avenue last month. I have to say they are priceless, and I could not be happier with the way they turned out!!
Here are some of my favorites!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here Comes the BRIDE!!

Kyler ans Felicia's wedding was perfect!! Taylor, Bella and Marjorie Ann did great as the ring bearer and flower girls. Felicia was a beautiful bride. I m so happy to have a new sister!! Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Kyler Bush!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Felicia and Kyler's rehearsal dinner

On Friday night after the wedding rehearsal at the church we headed over to Susan and Gary's for a a delicious Leonardo's dinner. Susan, Sandy and my mom did a great job getting everything ready! It felt like we were at a little Italian restaurant. It was so nice to finally meet Felicia's parents. It was such a blessing for Felicia's dad to be able to share this special occasion with all of us!! He is so nice! For those of you who do not know...Felicia's dad had been battling pancreatic cancer for the last few months. So please keep John Salerno in your prayers! After the delicious lasagna, fettuccine and my favorite rolls was time to toast the bride and groom! Everyone had such great advice and kind words to say! After we finished the dinner it was time to get started on making the flowers. I can't believe how easy this was!!! Felicia's bouquet was beautiful and so were the bridesmaids flowers. This saved an easy $800! WOW!! After a long day, it was time to take my three exhausted kids home to bed. You can see from the picture how tired Taylor and MA were!! Taylor passed out on her car seat on the way home :)

Marjorie Ann's Baby Dedication

On Wednesday night, November 4th, we had Marjorie Ann's baby dedication at Church of the Highlands. They have started doing the dedications on Wednesday nights because there is not enough time on Sunday's. November the 4th was also MA's 9 month old birthday!! It was such a special day! We normally do not go to church on Wednesday nights because it starts at 7:00..and all of the Bush kids go to bed early. BUT this reminded me of how much I LOVE wednesday night service, and I am going to make an effort to go more!! It was so great to be up on the stage at church with pastor Chris, and all of the other babies that were being dedicated. I am so proud that I have three children that we have given to God! May God bless them, protect them and give them wisdom as they grow!! I have to say that little MA did look super cute. Bella wore this dress when she was this age..and they looked just alike!! Here is a picture. Can you tell who is who? MA is on the left and Bella on the right. What sweet girls!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Girls night...Thanksgiving Potluck

Last night all nine of my highschool girl friends came over for dinner. We decided to do a thanksgiving potluck dinner this month. We had the most delicious food and great fellowship!! I have to give props to Laura for working so hard to make the dressing!! She did a great job, but I don't think she will we offering to make it again! I can't say how much I love all of these girls, and how blessed I am to have all of you in my life! The five preggos are all doing great. Here is a picture of the five of them in order of due date..Lindsey, Jamie, Lisa, Meredith and Laura. We had a special visitor tonight at dinner. Cristy brought sweet baby Will!! He is only 10 days old. He is so cute and tiny!! We were laughing talking with Cristy saying how nithing can prepare you for having a child. Cristy looks great and is adjusting to motherhood quite well...minus her lack of sleep!! I had so much fun last night girls!!!