Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A New Addition to the Family

Tanner writing.  I just wanted to express my sincere joy and overwhelming happiness that I feel tonight.  A new bundle of joy has become a member of the Bush household tonight.  Welcome to the world: Dyson Cyclone 14 All-Floor Telescoping Vacuum Cleaner.  It came in with a 5-year warranty, 4 free accessories and a guarantee that it will never lose suction.  I can't explain to you in words how it feels to just hold little Dyson in my hand as I dance across the hardwoods and seamlessly onto the carpets.  The experience is magical, staggering, superb...  I believe it imperative that every single person in this confused world of ours should feel as I feel tonight. Societal bliss would become reality.  Wars would end, hunger would vanish, informalities forgotten.  Enjoy my feeble attempt to characterize unparalleled beauty through photographic illustration!!!

Other revelations:
i)       Life becomes normal, no matter how hard things may be.
ii)      Michael Scott is the non-animated, professional, single Homer Simpson
iii)    Markets are irrational and slow-witted
iv)     Nichole is my best friend.
v)      My children are true beauty, not a vacuum cleaner.

Good night and sleep well...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mizzou Highlights!!!

For your viewing pleasure...

Our household is crazy!

Sorry, I have not had much time to update the blog.  Life here has been hectic, but we are getting used to life with three kids.  I want to thank everyone for the wonderful dinners that everyone has been bringing.  It has been such a blessing not to worry about preparing meals.  Marjorie Ann is doing great!  She had her one week check up and is back up to her birth weight.  She is getting up every three hours at night to eat, which is great!  As long as I can get three consecutive hours of sleep I am doing good.  Tanner went back to work last week.  We miss daddy!  We are still having lots of help! Thank goodness!!  My mom will be staying with us next week to help with the girls.  Bella is a mess!  She loves all of Marjorie Ann's contraptions.  Bella's favorite is the swing.  I did get the first picture of all three kids together.  That is a job to get everyone to be good at the same time! Jamie brought Charile over to visit, and it was love at first sight with him and Marjorie Ann.  We got some really cute pictures.  Thanks to everyone for your love and support!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Marjorie Ann - Day 2

I will do a daily Marjorie Ann post for one more day, and then I will move on to something more relevant.  Just kidding Marjorie Ann, but you do have to share time with your brother and sister, plus your name is a nuisance to type.
Day 2 was, as expected, much more productive than day 1.  Nichole rid herself of the encumbering IV and Pain Pump wires and changed out of the very stylish, yet practical, hospital gown.  She also took a shower, thank God.  We learned that Marjorie Ann is a ravenous little thing, and I don't think Mother's Milk will satisfy her for long.  She will need red meat soon.  We had several more visitors (thank you to all of you), and I was able to spend some time with Bella and Taylor.

I will say that I miss Taylor and Bella tremendously and hate being away from them for such an extended time.  Fortunately, I am comforted knowing that they are in capable and loving hands.  Nichole and I were able to catch about six hours of Lady Slumber, and we are well-rested for our final day.  

Here is a link to something great and wonderful.  Amazement and awe will follow...

- Hizzy

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Marjorie Ann - Day 1

Tanner here, filling in for Nichole, for obvious reasons.  Day one of Marjorie Ann's life is in the history books and it was a memorable day.  She came out of the warm confines of the womb at 12:27 PM weighing in at 8 pounds exactly (officially 7 pounds and 15.6 ounces) and 21 inches in length.  Nichole's grandmother (and the woman who Marjorie Ann is named) was the only one who guessed the correct weight, and was rewarded with the first hold.  Nichole is feeling better.  She has had all "cords" removed from her, and has ensured that Marjorie Ann will be our last child (clip, clip)!!  We had many visitors, all family, and we felt right at home.  It is great having so many family members right here with us.  We are very grateful for the visits and the care they are giving to our other two kids right now.

As expected, sleep was at a premium.  We "went to bed" at 11:30, woke up at 12:45, 1:45, 4:00 and 5:15.  Hopefully, there will be a change to that schedule tonight.  Congratulations to Taylor and Bella for now being a big, big brother and a big sister, respectively.  They were both very good with Marjorie Ann.  Taylor held her for a long time and Bella gave her lots of mu-wahs.  Alright, back to the baby.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Marjorie Ann's Birth Day!

So, I woke up at 5 AM this morning with excitement, sadness and fear.  I am so excited to meet this beautiful baby girl who has been living inside of me for nine long months!!  I am also overcome with sadness because this is the last time I will be pregnant, and have the amazing experience of birthing of a child.  I know, I complain a lot when I am pregnant, but the end result is totally worth every moan and complaint!  Child birth is such a miracle from God!  It is also scary to know that we will now go from two to three children.  We are now out numbered.  I am starting to wonder how that is going to work out!!  It is going to be crazy having two baby girls under two for a while!  Thankfully, I have my precious Taylor to help me out.  He is the best big brother ever.  Tanner and I have decided that we are going to laugh about everything instead of getting stressed out!  Thanks for listening to me ramble....I am going to get ready to go to the hospital!  By the way, I am so thirsty because I could not have anything to drink past midnight. Loves....