Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mommy, my head itches!!!

Oh my!! Taylor brought home Lice!! Yes, head lice. After it was all said and done Taylor, Bella, Marjorie Ann and I all had those creepy little bugs in our hair! Tanner didn't get it...I guess bc his hair is so short!! After $200 on prescription medicine, a week of cleaning and vacuuming, washing, spraying, have mayonnaise in the hair and Taylor with a shaved head (oh the tears I cried over his hair being gone) we got rid of it! It was sooo much work!! I have attached some of the pics...they are not very good ones, but you can see Taylor new hair do and the girls and I with mayo in our hair!! It is something we can laugh about now, but it almost sent me over the edge!! Everyday now I put hairspray in everyones hair including Taylor's before school!! FYI.... If you keep products in your hair you are less likely to get it :)

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